Sunday, December 20, 2009

Digital Savings

Although I have never fully embraced the concept of coupons despite the savings they offer, I came across an intriguing new service that may revolutionize the way we use coupons altogether. The company Digital Development Partners is on the verge of launching a new campaign that will give advertisers and businesses a new edge in the market. Of course it also brings savings to you or else it wouldn't be here.

Now trading under the ticker symbol OTCBB: DGDM it is soon to launch as its flagship product. This product is intended to incorporate social networking with real time deals from local merchants. If a business wanted to offer a discount for the next couple hours they could use YuDeal to spread the word at a moment's notice. This means more business for them and less expense for you the customer...a win-win situation.

Whether you are looking to invest in an upcoming business opportunity or take advantage of the savings offered at YuDeal, this is a company worth watching.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

$25 FREE with AT&T

Free money is always a pleasant thing. $25 is yours for free if you have recently switched to AT&T (within the last 30 days). Few people take advantage of this money because it takes 5 minutes of work, but when your wallet is thinning, anything helps.

Now that you have this great new phone with all of its wireless capabilities, why not treat yourself to some of the rewards that come with it? New members to AT&T can be rewarded with a $25 card that actually works like a Visa and can be used to pay your phone bill, buy gifts, or to pay for just about anything that money can buy. After registering my new number, it only took a few weeks to get the card by mail and used it to pay my upcoming phone bill.

REMEMBER, this only works if you are NEW to AT&T and have activated your service within the last 30 days. After registering your number, you too are eligible to refer others. Every referral you make earns you another $25 up to $125! Ready to get started? I've tried to simplify the process for you step by step:

  1. Register at AT&T
  2. Click the radio button "My Friend is an AT&T customer and referred me."
  3. Enter the referral code 7024618469 in the space provided
  4. Fill in the required information on the form including your new phone number
  5. Click the "Register" button at the bottom of the page and AT&T will take care of the rest...your card is on its way
  6. When you receive the card be sure to use it like a credit card (not as a gift card)
Enjoy your new phone and your free money!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

FREE iPhone & Apple TV

Once again Mindfield Online is offering rewards for its members both old and new. This time it is in the shape of a FREE iPhone 3G or FREE Apple TV! So get on board while the offer still stands. The deadline is December 10, 2009 so don't wait too long to get your entries in the running.

Just follow these easy steps and you too can have a chance at these great prizes.

  1. Sign up FREE with Mindfield
  2. Once you are a member, go to the "Member Home" tab
  3. Complete the member questionnaires (each one counts as a separate entry - total of 15 possible)
While waiting for the drawing on December 10th, be sure to check your email for money making surveys. Surveys range from $1 to as much as $30. The minimum payout has been lowered to $5 which means you get paid more often and they have recently added payment by PayPal to make things easier.

To date I have received $50; half by check and the other half by PayPal. They will NEVER ask you to pay a cent. With monthly drawings for cash and gifts, money making surveys, and prize drawings, you have nothing to lose. It's so easy I can't believe more people don't know about Mindfield.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Software Budgeting

Wondering where all that hard earned money is going? Programs such as Quicken are available to help budget and organize your spending and earnings, but it may be rather costly. We like things as close to free here. Wesabe is FREE financial budgeting software, which can use your bank statements to format the data in your profile.

Whether you are using the iPhone app or simply your computer, Wesabe's free personal budgeting software can safely track your expenses and help you set budgets for individual categories. It also a has various communities that strive to help find ways to create better savings, pay off debt, or discuss financial planning.

Daily money management
could not be easier to obtain. All services are secured to protect your privacy. With an easy interface, clean graphics, and no cost to you Wesabe is sure to be a great service in keeping your wallet from getting too thin.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Play Online Games for Cash

Could you use a little moola? I know we all could and here is a rather simple way to earn some for FREE. At Moola you receive your first cent for free and play games against other members. When you win, you double your money. Equally when you lose, half of your moola money goes into their account. The terms are simple and there are a variety of games to play.

Most members play online games for cash, but you can shop online and search the internet for moola too. If you want to move up the ladder faster, you can participate in trial offers for bigger incentives called "boosters." Share the site with your friends and add more moola to your account.

The potential for big earnings is huge! If you win, your moola money is doubled. In 30 steps you could have more than $10 million! Maybe you only want to go half way, which would still be more than $300. Either way, you can play for money and your first cent is FREE. There is no obligation and you play when you have the time. Games are usually no longer than five minutes.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Clinical Trial Volunteer

If the hunt on Craigslist is not helping you find additive benefits to your income, you may consider other means. While in the clinical trial phase, medical and pharmaceutical companies offer clinical trial services. A couple websites provide search functions that permit easy access to a number of different studies that are being researched in your vicinity.

If you have a disease, dysfunction or simply the desire to test the latest drugs or techniques in medicine you may be interested in these resources. For your time, effort, and willingness to participate in clinical trials, companies are willing to compensate financially with cash. Clinical trial jobs are available to those who are willing.

These offerings are commonly worth hundreds of dollars depending on the length and participation of the study. Many do not post how much they are willing to pay, but if you contact the companies they can provide more information.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Free Pay Every Friday

Think of this as a way to sell your time to advertisers. At first I didn't believe it either, but 24 hours after joining I was paid directly to my PayPal account and every Friday after that. After providing a little information about yourself, they provide links to various websites. When you view the link you earn AND when you view the site you earn money. This has actually been a very fun way to earn as the links are relevant and personalized. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

  1. Join Here Free
  2. Fill in your MeFile information under "MeFile"
  3. Set up your Ad Player under "Adgets"
  4. Provide your PayPal account in "Housekeeping"
When relevant ads are available, they will show up in your adplayer. Just for viewing the ad you get credited $0.05 and then up to $1 for going to their site. At the end of the week you are paid with no minimum payout.

Currently, they are only providing text ads, but video ads are in the works. When downloading music or videos from iTunes for example, you would be able to "sponsor" the download and watch ads that ultimately pay for your purchase. Get a discount product and a little incentive while you situation!

Their referral system pays up to $1.00 per referral. Be sure to let your friends and family know about YouData so they can get paid too. The more people that know, the more ads that will be played and that means more money for you.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dining Out

Looking for a new restaurant or just love getting the best deal for your money? I have been using to save on some great meals. A while back they were promoting their products for 80% off! For only $18 I was able to obtain more than $200 worth of gift certificates to local restaurants.

Keep an eye out for discounts or search the web for current offers, but this site has some great opportunities to find new places to eat and save a bundle too. There are restaurants I never would have tried if I hadn't found

Certificates have values of $10 to $100 and can be purchased for as little as $3. Be sure to read the details so you know what each coupon is offering and how much you have to buy in order to validate the certificate. Bon appetite!

If you are interested in restaurant literature, check out these books.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Laptop, iPhone, and Plasma TV ...Oh My

Check out this site I found called Gift Monkey. They give away FREE high end Laptops, Video Game Consoles, iPods, Plasma TVs, and they even have GPS Navigation Systems. That's just the beginning, you could get FREE cash (sent via PayPal), cellphones (including a free iPhone) and much much more!

This site is different from all of those others. They don't give you a time limit to earn your product, and they DON'T make you sign up for 10 sponsors yourself. All you have to do is try ONE of their sponsored offers like eBay (which doesn't cost anything), refer your friends, and they ship your free gift to your door, which is also free!

  1. Browse Gift Monkey - choose the item you want sent to you
  2. Provide a valid email address and password for your new account
  3. Complete one offer - Some are free and others have a minimal cost, but the best part is you only have to complete one
  4. Refer your friends and family
  5. If you decide you want another prize, no problem, simply change it to the one you want
  6. Once you have all your referrals, they will send the product to you
  7. When you finish the first prize, you are then eligible for another
I signed up and completed the Napster Trial offer which cost me nothing. In addition to being one step closer to my FREE PRIZE, I get 7 days of free Napster music.

UPDATE: (4/11/10) As of yet I have not received anything, let alone a confirmed trial approval. Me thinks this is one for the scammers unfortunately.


If you have a blog and you like making some cash on the side, consider Blogsvertise. It is a simple way to work from home or wherever you blog. There is very little to the process, so I will explain it here.

Submit your blog topic and address. Once your blog is approved, advertisers can request that you write about their product. In a few short paragraphs you share with your readers information concerning the product. The posting is then reviewed for completeness and you are paid. It's really that simple.

I recently submitted an entry and received payment by PayPal a short time later with no hitches. If you refer an advertiser who wants to advertise on your blog, you earn 20% of their advertising fees. For example if they choose to spend $500 you would earn $100. For more information or if you would like to advertise on this blog, check out Blogsvertise.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hotels for a Dollar

Travel the world and stay in a hotel for only $1! If that is not an irresistible savings I don't know what is. Seriously, when booking your hotel, if you are logged on during the 15 minute savings window, you can book your next hotel for only $1.

From what I understand, you know where you are going, and if you are on at the right time, you can get an unnamed hotel reservation for $1. They give you clues and will email you if you like to help narrow the window of opportunity, but this is one deal that probably won't last forever.

Just imagine the next time you are traveling overseas, domestically, or even locally you could save a bundle on your hotel. That way you can enjoy the rest of your time worrying about what souvenirs to bring home. Discount hotel reservations are only a click away, come back in and leave a comment to let us know how your trip went. Happy travels!

Friday, February 27, 2009

$1000 Stimulus Giveaway

Here is a chance to win $1000. Not to shabby if you ask me. Already mentioned was Mindfield Online. All you have to do is follow the link, and join. Once a FREE member, simply fill out the short questionnaires so they know what opportunities to give you.

Each questionnaire gives you another entry into the drawing. That gives you up to 15 entries for $1000! After that, you will get occasional emails with survey offers for various monetary amounts, complete these and earn cash. I recently cashed out my account for $24 just to verify and I received a check by the end of the week. If you don't qualify for a survey, they enter you in the drawing for $500 every month. The best part is that this is all for FREE, just don't wait too long, the $1000 drawing is on June 1st, 2009.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Super Savings

Who doesn't like a great deal every now and then? Deal Sharks has plenty to offer from a wide range of merchants. Not only is it easy to navigate, but you can select the type of product you are looking for to see the available online coupons.

Deal Sharks makes it easy to find valuable coupons, promotional codes and deals that are sure to save you money. For an added bonus, if you join the SharkClub you can save even more.

Bringing online bargains from around the net, they have an extensive collection from some of the largest and best sellers. To name a few: Best Buy, Adobe, Apple and tons more. Check it out and start saving on your future purchases!