Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paid Surveys

We all have an opinion, so why not get paid to share it? There are many survey opportunities waiting to offer scams to those who take the bait. It is refreshing to come across one that will actually pay you for your time.

Mindfield Online just happens to be one of those that puts money in your pocket for a few minutes of your time. Once you become a member for FREE, you simply fill out a few questionnaires that give a better picture of who you are. The more you complete, the better the system can help direct appropriate surveys to your inbox for completion.

A few times a week surveys will be sent to your email inbox of choice. The first minute of the survey usually gathers data to determine whether you qualify for that particular survey. Once qualified, simply finish the survey and Mindfield Online tracks your completion. Companies pay various amounts for users to complete surveys, ranging anywhere from $1 to $10.

Obviously, the more surveys you qualify for initially, the more you get paid. Payout starts at a minimum of $10. Some surveys however, have a quota. Once the quota is reached, no more participants will be invited to finish the survey so respond to the emails quickly for better results. Let your voice be heard, and earn a little money in the meantime.

UPDATE (2/09): This is a legitimate opportunity. They actually lowered their payout to $5 recently. I requested payment and three days later it arrived (see image above).
UPDATE (1/11): Again I chose to collect my earnings. Payment arrived in a few days without a problem.

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