Sunday, November 16, 2008

Make Money on Your Website

With a growing internet, and new web pages made every day, there are few people who don't already own a piece of the internet. If you own a blog, website, online store or anything that has a unique URL, you may like this tip.

Advertisers are willing to buy space on your pages where they can place their ads for your viewers to see. When your guests click the ad, you make money. Over time if you have enough visitors this can be a significant form of income. At first it may not seem very significant, but it can add up quickly.

Featured here is the ad host AdBrite. They have designed a relatively novel form of advertising that allows you to make money very easily. Not only can you choose to show text and visual ads in various sizes, but you can take advantage of inline ads that appear in the content of your site. Their software is designed to show the most relevant advertising to your site via keywords in your text.

  1. Click the AdBrite icon to the right to join for FREE and start receiving the money your site has to offer
  2. Select the "Learn More" button under the heading "Sell Ads"
  3. Click the "Start Now" button
  4. Enter your site information and how you want to be paid
For those wishing to buy ads to be on other people's sites you can click here to start now.

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