Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gift Card Exchange

Holiday shopping may be over, but everyone is still looking for a great deal or a way to return those gifts that just didn't make the cut. Cardpool provides a unique opportunity to trade in your unwanted gift cards for cards you would rather have. In as little as 30 seconds you could be making cash from your unwanted gift cards! They are offering up to 92% cash for your gift cards.

If you are shopping for a gift card, why pay full price? Again, Cardpool comes to the rescue with discount gift cards up to 30% off retail prices! There is no better way to stretch your money than to get more for less.
  • Trade, buy or sell gift cards
  • Free shipping
  • 100 day return policy
So go looking for all those cards you are not using and exchange them for ones that suit your style. Simply sign up here, enter the card merchant, tell them how much your card is worth and they will give you a quote. If you trade it for Amazon credit, they will offer more than the cash back method and faster too.