Sunday, July 12, 2009

Software Budgeting

Wondering where all that hard earned money is going? Programs such as Quicken are available to help budget and organize your spending and earnings, but it may be rather costly. We like things as close to free here. Wesabe is FREE financial budgeting software, which can use your bank statements to format the data in your profile.

Whether you are using the iPhone app or simply your computer, Wesabe's free personal budgeting software can safely track your expenses and help you set budgets for individual categories. It also a has various communities that strive to help find ways to create better savings, pay off debt, or discuss financial planning.

Daily money management
could not be easier to obtain. All services are secured to protect your privacy. With an easy interface, clean graphics, and no cost to you Wesabe is sure to be a great service in keeping your wallet from getting too thin.