Monday, May 26, 2008

Milk Money

While they say you should not cry over spilt milk, these days you may want to. For some living in New York, milk sells for more than $4 a gallon! If you are eating one bowl of cereal and cooking with one cup of milk every day, it would take almost a week before you are back for more. I can only imagine what happens when the whole family is waking up to a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Perhaps it is time for the suburban family to start raising cows! It would provide a good workout and free milk.

Although I don't have any knowledge about raising cattle for milking, I do love large quantities. This tip may seem brash and come as a shock to some, but believe me it works and has saved hundreds of dollars.

The baking aisle of your grocery store will have various sizes of powdered milk. I know what you are thinking, because all my friends have told me, but read on. The largest box I have found is 5lbs at an average price of $12. That would be the equivalent of 3-4 gallons of milk, or one months worth of milk for one person. One box will last for 2-3 months using the scenario above! That is a savings of $20 or more for a total of $120 each year.

Milking the Box

It takes a little experimentation to learn the proper amounts needed for your milk taste buds. I like to use one heaping cup of powder in a 2 quart pitcher. Stir the mix in and cool.

The Benefits
Certainly the cost is a benefit. It has a very long shelf-life and can even double as food storage. Powdered milk, reconstituted is healthier as it is skim milk and tends to have more protein than regular milk due to its concentrated state. Powdered milk can be used in cooking.

Drink Up
There is a catch. Powdered milk must be served cold or else it tastes horrible. It does have an acquired taste as do coffee and tea. But it doesn't take very long especially when it is used on cereal. The cereal will commonly flavor the milk to taste like the milk you know. Enjoy your cereal and your savings!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Savings to Smile About

Going to the dentist can not only be painful to your mouth, but your wallet too. Many insurance agencies don't include dental benefits leaving you to find your own plan. For college students, uninsured individuals and anyone willing to open wide, this one's for you.

This Bites
Tooth whitening has become a ritual for some and too expensive for others. How about discount dental services? For the basic cleaning you are charged anywhere from $50-$90. Throw in a couple x-rays and you're looking at a bill for almost $150! Do you get your routine check up every 6 months as recommended? Face it, we don't even floss like we are supposed to.

Every dentist and dental hygienist has to learn somehow. That means there is a school where they learn their job responsibilities, right? In fact, these are often 'laboratories' for students to develop skills and learn the trade.

The Discount
Once you find a dental hygiene school, contact them and inquire about their discounted services. The way it works is by appointment usually. Your hygienist cleans your teeth, looks them over before their teacher checks them out. The teacher simply verifies the findings of the student and is a certified hygienist already. The dentist will then come by to perform a quick dental exam. Some schools provide orthodontia work for a minimal fee. Fortunately, I have not needed this later service.

My visits are about three hours, included x-rays, and still had the free samples (floss, toothpaste, brush, and mouthwash). Guess how much they charged me? Nothing! All they asked for was an appointment in 6 months which I gladly accepted and it's kept me smiling since then. In all, my FREE teeth cleaning and x-rays has saved me $300 and I'm due for my next check up in a month.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Get Paid to Write Brief Articles

Ever wonder if your 'two cents' was worth anything? Here is your chance! HubPages has created a linking system that promotes your thoughts, articles, and opinions all for FREE! Why else would I be writing about it.

How It Works
Click here to set up an account free. You will be taken to Hub central where you can see the latest hubs posted by others, search hubs you may be interested in or even start your own hub sharing whatever you want to write about.

There are detailed tutorials that explain step by step instructions for setting up affiliate accounts with Google Adsense, Amazon, and ebay. When you have selected a topic or respond to a topic, ads from these affiliates are automatically added to your website. As visitors view your information (impressions) or click on affiliate links (pay per click), you make money! It's that simple.

The more detailed, unique and intriguing your article the more people will visit you. When you link to others, you share in their profits too. Include pictures and video in your posts to help attract more people and you will be well on your way to seeing the benefits.

Question and Answer
HubPages has created an easy user interface to provide simple publishing technology. If you have a question you would like answered, simply make a request. If you see a request you would like to answer, go ahead.

The community of Hubbers, as they are called, allows people around the world to search, contribute, and read hub articles. Potentially this means millions of visitors with billions of experiences ready to share their knowledge on any subject.

Get Paid
Although there are other sites available for writing, this is one of the best I have found that pays, is simple, and has good exposure. You don't have to be an expert to succeed, you just have to know what you are talking about and the range of topics is endless.

Easy to follow set-up instructions make your monetization quick and painless. In 30 minutes your account will be active and your hubs can start taking shape. Good bye thinning wallet!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Get Discount Stamps

As the market becomes better, the cost of living becomes more expensive. Somehow it always seems to affect the cost of a postal stamp too.

I worked for the United States Postal Service for a time as a letter carrier. It was one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs I have held to this point in my life. As a result, I can understand why the USPS would increase the rate of a stamp to be able to pay their employees.

Discounted Stamps
If you have not already heard, on May 12th, 2008, the cost of traditional stamps will increase from 41 cents to 42 cents. This trend is likely to continue as time goes by, costing more and more to send a letter.

Why is this being posted on The Thin Wallet? The USPS will continue to accept their new 'Forever Stamp' for postage...if you have them. If you don't already have these stamps that will ALWAYS send a letter at the same price, now is the time to get them. Even if you go out today and buy your 300 stamps, when the price changes, you will have saved money.

Could you imagine getting a roll of 'Forever Stamps' now and gifting it to a child or grandchild five or ten years from now. Imagine the savings and how smart your recipient will think you are!