Monday, May 5, 2008

Get Discount Stamps

As the market becomes better, the cost of living becomes more expensive. Somehow it always seems to affect the cost of a postal stamp too.

I worked for the United States Postal Service for a time as a letter carrier. It was one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs I have held to this point in my life. As a result, I can understand why the USPS would increase the rate of a stamp to be able to pay their employees.

Discounted Stamps
If you have not already heard, on May 12th, 2008, the cost of traditional stamps will increase from 41 cents to 42 cents. This trend is likely to continue as time goes by, costing more and more to send a letter.

Why is this being posted on The Thin Wallet? The USPS will continue to accept their new 'Forever Stamp' for postage...if you have them. If you don't already have these stamps that will ALWAYS send a letter at the same price, now is the time to get them. Even if you go out today and buy your 300 stamps, when the price changes, you will have saved money.

Could you imagine getting a roll of 'Forever Stamps' now and gifting it to a child or grandchild five or ten years from now. Imagine the savings and how smart your recipient will think you are!

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