Monday, May 26, 2008

Milk Money

While they say you should not cry over spilt milk, these days you may want to. For some living in New York, milk sells for more than $4 a gallon! If you are eating one bowl of cereal and cooking with one cup of milk every day, it would take almost a week before you are back for more. I can only imagine what happens when the whole family is waking up to a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Perhaps it is time for the suburban family to start raising cows! It would provide a good workout and free milk.

Although I don't have any knowledge about raising cattle for milking, I do love large quantities. This tip may seem brash and come as a shock to some, but believe me it works and has saved hundreds of dollars.

The baking aisle of your grocery store will have various sizes of powdered milk. I know what you are thinking, because all my friends have told me, but read on. The largest box I have found is 5lbs at an average price of $12. That would be the equivalent of 3-4 gallons of milk, or one months worth of milk for one person. One box will last for 2-3 months using the scenario above! That is a savings of $20 or more for a total of $120 each year.

Milking the Box

It takes a little experimentation to learn the proper amounts needed for your milk taste buds. I like to use one heaping cup of powder in a 2 quart pitcher. Stir the mix in and cool.

The Benefits
Certainly the cost is a benefit. It has a very long shelf-life and can even double as food storage. Powdered milk, reconstituted is healthier as it is skim milk and tends to have more protein than regular milk due to its concentrated state. Powdered milk can be used in cooking.

Drink Up
There is a catch. Powdered milk must be served cold or else it tastes horrible. It does have an acquired taste as do coffee and tea. But it doesn't take very long especially when it is used on cereal. The cereal will commonly flavor the milk to taste like the milk you know. Enjoy your cereal and your savings!

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