Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gas Money

Remember when gas was only a couple dollars? Those days are getting harder and harder to believe they even existed. Saving a few cents is about all you can do. Here are some easy to use tips for saving on that oh so expensive gas.

  1. Tire inflation - Make sure your tires are properly inflated to maximize the efficiency of your vehicle on the road.
  2. Tune up - A well tuned up vehicle will have better moving parts and save on fuel use.
  3. Drive slower - When possible do not exceed 60mph because the drag increases greatly causing more fuel consumption.
  4. Accelerate and brake slowly - Doing either too quickly can cause your car to burn more gas to accommodate your need for speed.
  5. Fill up - Join Sam's club or Costco for membership discounts. Your grocery store may have fuel discounts associated with your purchasing habits too. Search around for low gas prices.
  6. Octane - Buy the lowest octane your auto manual suggests.
The culmination of these tactics will greatly improve your mileage per gallon and save you considerable money in the meantime. Hundreds of dollars a year can remain yours if you follow a few of these basic principles.

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