Friday, August 1, 2008

Earn $300 One Click at a Time

Perhaps the clouds are not yet pouring down money, but it might as well be that simple. This installment of the Thin Wallet highlights a website that earns anywhere from $5-$30 in a day.

Advertisers have set up pay-to-click (PTC) or pay-per-action websites that pay you to visit ads. There are some that promote sites for a wimpy $0.01 per ad. I have tried them and feel they are simply a waste of time.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN. Once you have registered for FREE with the site, bookmark your new account page.

  • Visit the site once (or more times) daily and click the paid links to earn $0.50 each. You have to wait 40 seconds to credit the money to your account. That is a quick $5-10 for the day and it takes less than 10 minutes to accomplish.
  • Add your email to your account and they will send you links to read emails. Each email pays $1.00. Periodically throughout the day they will show up in your inbox and will credit to your account after 100 seconds of viewing (1.5 minutes). Up to 10 emails per day.
  • Invite friends and others to view your new account page and earn $0.06 with every view.
  • Earn a percentage of your referral downline earnings!
And there you have it, in 20 minutes a day you can earn $20 or more! All for simply clicking a few links and seeing what others have to offer. Of course there is no obligation and you make money when you want. This is a great way to make a little extra income. Over the course of a month you could 'click' in an extra $300 or more.

Clicking for Cash

UPDATE (2/09): As it turns out, the "money" is really a point system that gives you buying power. It has actually been a really great method of advertising and sharing links if you are in that market.