Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mail Decoy

Who doesn't like to receive a little mail every now and then? Unfortunately, much of the USPS revenue comes from third class or "junk" mail that is delivered every day. If they can get paid to deliver it, why not get paid to receive it?

Mail decoy programs use your current address at home or work to send mail from various sources to ensure that client mail is being delivered without damage and on time. As an agent you will receive pieces of mail, catalogs, magazines or products. Simply log into their online database and answer a few simple questions about the mail and earn a little spending cash. It takes time to build up a steady flow of mail and most pieces only pay $0.25 each, but it's easy money and free magazines.

A couple of the better known and more reputable programs are The Hauser Group and US Monitor. By using the following links, you can apply for positions with each company: The Hauser Group and US Monitor. Commonly, they will only have one position per zip code. Now lets see if my mail has been delivered yet!