Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paid Research

We've all seen the ads for getting paid to do research, but how many of us actually do them? If you are lucky and live in a bigger city, you might have more opportunity than you know. There are various avenues one could take. For example if you are willing to get paid for testing drugs and medical procedures you might check out one of these two sites:
If you have a little extra time on your hands perform a quick search of your surrounding area via Craig's List for "Volunteer" positions. Many times these are paid opportunities that are close to home. Even a simple Google search for "paid research" + your town will bring up local focus groups that are paying for your opinion on products or services.

I was lucky enough to join a group that tests oral hygiene products on a regular basis. When I finish one study, they sign me up for the next and it goes all year until I am done. The best part is that these are products that I would normally use and they are already approved by the FDA. As you can see, with some investigation on your part, you too can make your thin wallet a little thicker.