Sunday, October 19, 2008

Online Discounts

If you are reading this, you are definitely going to love this next tip. We all make online purchases at some point and with the holidays coming up, even more so. Why not save a little money in the meantime?

Retail Me Not has a FREE service where users can submit codes for discounts on their online purchases. Although not all codes work and not all sites have codes, it is worth checking out possible deals before clicking the purchase button.

Codes are listed in the order in which they have the most success. When you use a code, be sure to click the working or not working buttons so that other users know which codes are functioning. Some may save you 5% and others up to 50%. I have used it over and over again, saving money with just about every online purchase.

The next time you are about to submit your shopping cart for purchase, find that easy promotional code and save a little money in the process. Take the money you saved and put it into a savings account as a little pat on the back. Well done, you've avoided the thin wallet once again.

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