Sunday, December 20, 2009

Digital Savings

Although I have never fully embraced the concept of coupons despite the savings they offer, I came across an intriguing new service that may revolutionize the way we use coupons altogether. The company Digital Development Partners is on the verge of launching a new campaign that will give advertisers and businesses a new edge in the market. Of course it also brings savings to you or else it wouldn't be here.

Now trading under the ticker symbol OTCBB: DGDM it is soon to launch as its flagship product. This product is intended to incorporate social networking with real time deals from local merchants. If a business wanted to offer a discount for the next couple hours they could use YuDeal to spread the word at a moment's notice. This means more business for them and less expense for you the customer...a win-win situation.

Whether you are looking to invest in an upcoming business opportunity or take advantage of the savings offered at YuDeal, this is a company worth watching.

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