Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Notice Your Wallet Getting Too Thin?

So you didn't buy that fancy leather wallet to show off the threads either? Sometimes I find myself wondering how I'm ever going to make it financially. I have days when I feel like a super saver and others when my gut tells me I'm a super spender. The best news is that there is an equilibrium.

This blog is dedicated to providing ideas for investing money, saving that hard earned paycheck and finding discounts that make a difference. They are not always obvious, but when you know where to look it is definitely worth your time.

From a very young age, I started the way most kids do, cutting a slot in a glass jar and adding my precious coins one by one. Over time it became a hobby to see how many I could add in an effort to one day purchase that big item I always wanted. Well, I never decided what that big item was and just kept on saving the coins. When I had enough, I opened a bank account and soon the coins became cash and paychecks.

From my net payments I would make a goal to set aside at least 50% for savings and the other 50% went to expenses. As my responsibilities have changed, so have my percentages. I now invest 10% and save only 30% as I have more bills to pay.

When I recently gained acceptance to medical school, all my financial antennae became extremely sensitive. I will be posting those things that I have found useful, including links to other resources. If you have ideas or comments, please leave them to share and together we can all see our wallets begin to take shape.

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